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Working Papers

“Firm-Specific Pay Premia and the Returns to Higher Education: Evidence from Community College”

“Bilingual Education and the Short and Longer-Term Outcomes of English Language Learners” (with Eric A. Hanushek, Steven G. Rivkin, and Jeffrey Schiman)

“Institution, Major, and Firm-Specific Premia: Evidence from Administrative Data” (with Ben Ost and Doug Webber)

Work in Progress

“High School Internships and Student Achievement: Evidence from PrepareRI” (with Daniel Kreisman and Curran A. Prettyman)

“College Entrance Exam Strategy” (with Jonathan Smith)

“Classmates and Coworkers: The Impact of Contact Networks on Labor Market Outcomes”

“Community College and Life Cycle Earnings” (with Ben Ost and Doug Webber)

“The Evolution of the Long-Term Effects of Charter Schools” (with Eric Hanushek, Steven Rivkin, Marcus Casey, and Andrew Morgan)